Chelsea, MA Police Gear Up To Protect Against Fentanyl

When three officers were hospitalized after being exposed to fentanyl, Chief Brian Kyes unveiled new equipment to help his officers safely handle substances suspected to be fentanyl or carfentanil.

In the video below from CBS Boston, equipment such as Tyvek Suits, Safety Goggles, N100 Respirator Masks and more are shown, some of which were provided by Bennett Noble, LLC dba A&A Albeco.

Prior to the Chelsea incident, we had been in consultation with local law enforcement and had already begun working on a Substance Exposure Kit (SEK) based on the guidelines set by the Massachusetts law enforcement community.  Since then, we have provided law enforcement agencies in Massachusetts and New Hampshire with over 500 of the these kits to help combat the growing risk of fentanyl exposure.

To learn more about our Substance Exposure Kits, visit our store page or give us a call at the office: 978-851-3226. We are equipped to get these kits into the hands of our local public safety officers quickly, and are ready to provide custom solutions for any community that has a need.